About My London Teacher

Helping You Achieve Your Goals

Here at My London Teacher, we have welcomed students from all over the world, from Asia to South America. We have taught people who want to improve their general English to students preparing for exams such as IELTS or OET.

Whatever class we are teaching, our English school in London is here to make sure that it is fun, interactive and useful. We provide a relaxed but structured environment where students can make friends, develop their skills and most importantly, learn English!

Our teachers are fun, friendly and passionate about their jobs. We get real satisfaction seeing students enrol and seeing the progress they make after just a few months. Whatever your level, and wherever you are from, our teachers are here to help you! We are worldwide!

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Our Mission

Our mission at our English school in London is to help students achieve their goals. Whether you want to pass your IELTS exam or want to communicate with English speakers we are here to help you achieve it.

We provide a structured learning environment where you can feel supported every step of the way. Our programmes are tailored to your needs and will prepare you with everything you need to succeed!

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Our Values

Customer Service

We are proud of the work that we do at My London Teacher helping students develop key skills. We always go the extra mile to help you learn and provide a quick response whenever you need us.


English is a language that can bring everyone together! We teach students with different learning styles from across the world. This is what makes our classes even more interesting and exciting.


Student Led Learning

We believe learning is a shared experience between the teacher and student, as well as between individual students. We provide a special environment where you can learn in the most effective way.

Tailored Programmes

The beauty of learning English online is that you attend when it suits you. Whether you are learning full time or on the weekend, we’ll create a schedule that suits your lifestyle.




Project Based Learning

We offer project based learning which is an effective and practical style of learning. Your teacher can set you a project that will consist of 50% online lessons and 50% individual learning, which may include research and writing. When this is finished your teacher can examine the project and discuss what you have learned.

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